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Tonrak Ananda Marga School

Unique Education that Inspires Hope!
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Our Philosophy

Our school follows the Neohumanist philosophy which helps us understand the connections between self, others and the environment. 


Neohumanist education fosters love and respect for all, regardless of culture, religion, race or nationality, for animals and plants and the earth's ecosystems.


Children learn these principles both through lessons and teacher modeling, as well as through developing their own intuitional feeling about the interconnectedness of all things.


Our goals are to:

• develop the full potential of each child: physical, mental and spiritual. 
• awaken a thirst for knowledge and love of learning
• equip students with academic and other skills necessary for higher

facilitate personal growth in areas such as morality, integrity, self-confidence, self-discipline and cooperation. 

• develop physical wellbeing and mental capabilities through yoga and concentration techniques, sports and play.

• develop a sense of aesthetics and appreciation of culture through drama, dance, music and art. 

• encourage students to become active and responsible members of society. 

• promote an awareness of ecology in its broadest sense and to encourage respect and care for all living beings.

• encourage a universal outlook, free from discrimination based on religion, race, creed or gender.


You can learn more Neohumanst Philosophy here.

You can learn more about how it affects our school on the "About US".

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