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Compassion in action

A few of our success stories

All of our dogs are like family members to us, and we always love getting updates after they have left the sanctuary for their forever homes. Our sweet Lucy now livesin the US, and here is what her new mum Julia had to say!


“I first met Lucy when I visited Baan Unrak with my son Bo, who had recently volunteered for six weeks. Iknew that Bo wanted me to adopt one – or more- of the many beautiful dogs at the rescue. He took me to eachof the dog pens and described every dog. When we went into Lucy’s pen, all of the other dogs came over andexcitedly jumped on him. Lucy, however, laid between his legs and looked up. That was it. I knew she waslooking for a home.

Our itinerary didn’t allow for Lucy to travel home with us but getting her to the US was surprisingly easyand inexpensive. A flight volunteer escorted her on the long journey and she was a bit traumatized by theexperience. But she has settled in well, making friends with neighbour dogs and humans alike. Sheespecially likes long walks around the neighbourhood. She is such a sweet, well-tempered dog. A week aftershe arrived, our neighbourhood had a yard sale. Lucy basked in the sun at my table, soaking up attentionfrom admirers and eye-poking toddlers. She loved it all and I look forward to a bright future with her.”

Lucky brother and sister Jacks and Princess are now enjoying life in the vineyards of France. Here is what their wonderful new family had to say!


“It all started when we arrived at the sanctuary in the middle of February 2016, having planned to stay forone month. When she saw Jacks, Marine instantly fell in love! She spoke about it with me but I didn’t wantto adopt dogs at that time, as we had been travelling for 4 and half years – so no jobs, no house in France… Itwas also hard for me to become close with Jacks as he is scared of men.

But almost every morning I would walk with Princess, Jacks, Waterbelly and Ruth, and step by stepI started to get to know them. After a week we spoke about adopting a dog again… maybe Princess who wasso playful and lovely with both of us. As we spent most of our free time in the kennel it became obvious afterabout 3 days – impossible to adopt Jacks without Princess or Princess without Ja􀃝s! They needed eachother to be confident. And Marine had another good argument: together, they wouldn’t get bored asthey could play! “Done”

We left the sanctuary in the middle of March and traveled around Myanmar for a month before returning toFrance. After another month we both had a job, and 2 weeks later we had a house with huge gardensurrounded by vineyards. Finally, the doggies were flown over with French volunteers in June.

It’s a real pleasure to share our life with them, and we wish same “success story” to all cats and dogs fromSangkhla. Even though they had been living outside and without “rules” since they were born, they have anamazing ability to adapt and heaps of love to give!!!”

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