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There are many different ways you can fundraise for us from your home country. The possibilities are almost endless,



but here are a few ways animal lovers like you have raised money for us in the past…

Compassion in action

Long-term & repeat volunteer Daisy hosted a charity bake sale in the UK including edible treats for four-leggedfriends! She raised £289/$380US forthe sanctuary with this creative event!

Craft Sales/Bake Sales etc

Compete in a Fun Run/Marathon etc



Thai Animal Sanctuary friend, Joanne, ran the Great North Run in England to fundraise for us. She raised £450/$600US by accepting donations from friends and family via a GoFundMe page she setup prior to the race.

If you have any other ideas on how animal lovers like you can help us raise funds for our life-saving sanctuary, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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  • 5US$
    Every month
  • 10US$
    Every month
  • 20US$
    Every month
  • 30US$
    Every month
  • 50US$
    Every month
  • 100US$
    Every month
  • 150US$
    Every month
  • 250US$
    Every month


Thank you


1) Donate here now:

2) Or for a regular donation:

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