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Tonrak Ananda Marga School

Unique Education that Inspires Hope!
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Provide a Scholarship


Do you want to truly change a life of a child in need?


For just 1,500 Baht, or about $50 US dollars, a month you can provide a basic sponsorship which covers textbooks, school materials, field trips, lunch daily, and minor medical care. 


You will get a chance to get to know your child. We will send you twice yearly updates which include: progress reports, a picture and a drawing. We encourage you to write your child.  We love having visitors, so f you like to meet your child, write us and we will help you plan a trip to Sangklaburi.

Tonrak Primary School Tonrak School


Our Preferred Method for Donations -Wire Transfer  


          Account name:       Neohumanist Foundation

          Bank Name:           Krungthai Bank Sangklaburi Branch

          Account Number:   984-2-40217-7

          SWIFT Code:         KRTHTHBK



 You may send the sponsorship fees quarterly (4 times/year) or half yearly or once a year. 


Our goal is to have all of our students complete as high a level of education as possible.  You can sponor a child for as long as you would like, but we hope greatly appreciate your sponsoring the child through vocational school or university.


 *Upon request an official receipt from our foundation will be mailed to you after your transfers. (But it is not tax exempted) 

Pay Pal

You can also donate through Pay Pal.


Baan Unrak Primary School Baan Unrak School

Support Our Lunch Program


We provide a healthy vegetarian lunch for all of our students. For some of our children, the only consistently healthy meal they get is through our school. 


The government provides some support, but it generally falls well short of our costs.  


We need need 10,000 baht, or $300, a month to make up for this shortfall.  If you would like to provide some (or all if you like!) support for our lunch program, send money through the links above.


Donate $100 for our lunch program through a wire transer (see above) or use the Pay Pal button to the right.


Supplies For Our School


We have a wide range of supplies we need including:

  • Chairs for all our students

  • Colored pencils and various other supplies

  • Books in Thai for our library


Donate $100 for school supplies through a wire transfer (see above) or use the pay pal button to the right.

Baan Unrak Primary School Baan Unrak School

To Tonrak School


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Baan Unrak Primary School Baan Unrak School
Baan Unrak Primary School Baan Unrak School

Volunteer House Renovation


We are incredibly lucky to have volunteers come to our school to teach. Unfortunately, the living conditions in our volunteer house were no longer suitable and we rent a home for them.  This is one of larger expenses


Your donation would have a lasting effect here.  It would not only relieve us of expenses, you could have improve the situation for the volunteers who give their time an effort to make the world a better place for our children.


We need 300,000 baht, or $9200 dollars, to renovate the home.  Any support you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


Donate $100 for our volunteer house renovation through a wire transfer (see above) or use the Pay Pal button to the right.

Bamboo High School


In order to provide our students with the opportunity to complete their education with us, we have created 3 secondary classes. We are lacking space and they have no specific classroom. So we have begun building a bamboo classroom to remedy the situation. The roof is almost finished,but we still need 100.000 Baht ($3000) to complete the building.


If you want to contribute to this project, you can donate through a wire transfer (see above) or use the Pay Pal button below.

General Support


Donate $10, $25, or $50  to support our programs.  


Donate here:

You can support a number of objectives

  1. Provide a scholarship

  2. Support our lunch program

  3. Help renovate our volunteer house

  4. Buy supplies for our school

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