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Tonrak Ananda Marga School

Unique Education that Inspires Hope!
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Who are our  students?

Most of our students are stateless.  Many were born in Thailand to Burmese parents who left Myanmar due to conflict and poverty.  Consequently, they are not citizens of either country.  Because of this, their future is quite uncertain. The combination of instability, poverty, and lack of community has lead to a general moral decline in our community.     

Our Objectives

There is an substantial unmet demand for English speakers in Thailand. Those who are hard working, honest and able to communicate in English have enormous opportunities even without being properly registered.

The aims of Tonrak Ananda Marga School are therefore have students:

  • Build confidence

  • Be happy, responsible members of the community

  • Master the English language

  • Develop a moral compass

  • Understand how to work together

  • Successfully complete the basic education in line with the requirements of the Thai Ministry of Education.


How do we meet these objectives?


We have a wide variety of projects which enable the children to develop a wide variety of skills and learn that helping others can be fun and fulfilling. You can read more about our projects here.

Our classes are student centered.  Children are taught to think for themselves

Our values are grounded in the Neo Humanist philosophy that inspires the human being to lead a simple, honest and hardworking life. The philosophy guides us to understand the importance of our environment and all life around us. It guides us to enlarging our compassion and desire to serve and help where needed.

Our values are therefore;

  • We look after the environment, recycle, reuse and reduce

  • We lead a vegetarian life and are opposed to the horrors of the meat industry.

  • We serve and help whenever needed

Respect for Animals


We have an animal sancturary on our campus.  We believe that exposing the children to these animals helps them learn how to love and exist peacfully and responsibly with other beings.

Arts and Traditiions


We believe in developing the asthetic sense of our students.  In addition to our art program, we have classes in traditional dance to allow the students to fully understand the traditions of Thai culture.

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