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Tonrak Ananda Marga School

Unique Education that Inspires Hope!
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Our History

In 2001, the children from Baan Unrak Children's Home were not fairing well in their school because:

  • huge class sizes-up to 50 students

  • widespread corporal punishment

  • they could not speak Thai and there were no programs to help them

  • discrimination-many of our students were not Thai and were not treated the same the Thai students at that time

  • they lacked legal status


Some of the children were so discouraged or afraid they would skip school.


After  consulting with the local school principal and looking at our options, we decided it made sense to start our own school.   In 2001 in a dark little house we rented we began our school with 3 children from our home. We were just trying to educate the children from Baan Unrak Children's Home, but soon others in the community heard about our little school, and decided they would like to have their children attend it.

Our New School

Our school grew quickly and we knew we needed proper facilities.


We were very fortunate that three sponsors  stepped forward.  With the help of the Singapore and Thai bicycling clubs, Singapore Thai Chamber of Commerce and Banyon Tree Hotel groups we had the funds to build the school.


An architect from Thai Cycling Club designed our school and a very kind and service minded contractor, Mr. Wanchad, founder of Thai niccons appeared and built the whole school without profit. The building was completed just in 4 months and stood finished in December 2004.

Baan Unrak School Baan Unrak Primary School

A New Begining

To register the school, we needed a Thai headmaster and teacher.  Thankfully Dr. Jareeporn Naksamrit (Janaki) agreed to be our Headmaster. She was able to hire the appropriate staff.  This combined with a particularly open minded governement official allowe us to become an officially registered and sanctioned school on the 25th of March 2005.


With only 24 students from the children's home, we were worried that we would have a problem filling up the school. As it turned out, we had nothing to worry about.  The community had heard of our school and seen the results and wanted their children to attend our school.  In May 2005 we started classes with 167 students which included children from the Baan Unrak Children's home, other children's homes, and the community.

Baan Unrak School Baan Unrak Primary School


Our first students have matured and so have we.

  • We have invested heavily in our children's future by sponsoring teacher training programs which have had attendees from through out South East Asia. 

  • We have participated in programs to develop our management team.

  • We have developed a volunteer teacher program which has brought energy, excitement and a different perspective to our teaching methodology.

  • We have added additional classrooms as demand has surged for our type of teaching.

Our Future

Our hope is to keep developing our school to help provide a better future for our students.  We hope to be able to teach students through high school.

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