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Tonrak Ananda Marga School

Unique Education that Inspires Hope!
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What Makes Us Special?

There are a number of reasons why a growing number of children from the community are asking to come to our school.  One major reason is our philosophy.


A few of the others include:

Smaller Classes


Classes in our school are typically less than 20 students compared to up to 50 in the local schools.  This results in a better understanding of our children's needs and the opportunity to actually assist them on a more one to one basis.

"Fast Track" Programs

Some of our students arrive at our school having never attended school.  They are years behind schedule.  Frustration and embarrasment could lead them to quit.


By tailoring their studies to their needs, we are able to fast track their education so they can catch up to their peers.  



Children participate in a wide range of programs that  allow them to learn about and respect the environment.


We started a village wide garbage pick up campaign in 2006.  Our students go to other schools in the comunity to to help teach them about the importance of putting garbage in its' place. 


Our students then lead a community wide clean up campaing.  Each year our students, plus ostudents from throught out the communicty pick up literally tons of garbage.  More importantly, people in our community through far less garbage onto the streets and it stays much cleaner year round.

Arts and Traditiions


We believe in developing the asthetic sense of our students.  In addition to our art program, we have classes in traditional dance to allow the students to fully understand the traditions of Thai culture.

Respect for Animals


We have an animal sancturary on our campus.  We believe that exposing the children to these animals helps them learn how to love and exist peacfully and responsibly with other beings.

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