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Tonrak Ananda Marga School

Unique Education that Inspires Hope!
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We call for support to facilitate the many refugee, immigrant and children home students who urgently need space at our school.

What we urgently need and why
In 2013, due to necessity our Tonrak School registered a high school for our Baan Unrak home children. As the school is built to facilitate a kindergarten and primary school, the space became limited.

Since the last few years, the immigrant and refugee children from Burma have increased greatly as well and our school has no more space to help the steady flow of new refugees in need of education. Now even our library has been turned into a class room.


We still need $110,500 US. from you to help complete the new construction of activity rooms and class rooms for our high school and immigrants.

The building contract will expire in June 2024 so it is urgent to continue the construction as soon as possible.

Support the extension of Tonrak School

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Support the extension of Tonrak School.


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Tonrak Ananda Marga School, Extension

Sangklaburi is a border town just 50km from Burma.

Tonrak Ananda Marga School was started in 2005 mainly to provide a fun and loving education for Baan Unrak Childrens home. We have since greatly increased the number of students and are now providing education for another children’s home of the area, children from regular homes and refugee and immigrant students from Burma.

Who we are
We are a group of dedicated teachers and administrative staff who love children and want their education to be more than academic achievements. We are 20 teachers
including 4 assistants, 4 administrative and office staff and 5 caretakers including gardener and cooks.

What we do
Our education is based on Neohumanist principles integrated with the required Thai academic education. We educate students from kindergarten to Junior high school (age 3 years to 15 years).  Along with academics we provide emotional care, self-knowledge and coping skills to live in society as happy, service-minded contributors.

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Consider supporting
Tonrak School regularly:

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