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Tonrak Ananda Marga School

Unique Education that Inspires Hope!
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Founder, Advisor, Lead Fundraiser

  • guides the school on its basic Neo Humanist principles

  • leads fundraising efforts 

  • cares for 5 wonderful children and 2 mentally disabled women.

Our Staff and Advisors

Didi Anuraga/Oddrun Skare

Baan Unrak Primary School Baan Unrak School
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Chintana Tungtriratanagul

  • School Principal

Baan Unrak School Baan Unrak Primary School

Pachdaporn Pomma

  • All paper work related to academics, reports and filing.

  • Teaches 5th and 6th grades Thai and social studies.

School Manager

  • Counsels students

  • Manages correpondene

  • Hires new staff

  • teaches math to grade 6.

Watcharaporn Jaisue

Baan Unrak School Baan Unrak Primary School

Sadhana/Nattia Yiram

  • Member of our foundation

  • Manages all matters related to our foundation.

  • Office staff

  • Manages visa applications for our volunteers at Baan Unrak school and other places in Thailand.

  • Student registrations,

  • Teaches 3rd trade students  social studies and art

Baan Unrak School Baan Unrak Primary School
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