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Tonrak Ananda Marga School

Unique Education that Inspires Hope!
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Our Village- Sangklaburi

Sangklaburi is a small town resting along the Thai-Myanmar border. It is nestled in the hills surrounded by a huge man made lake. In some ways it is like paradise.


Our community is a remakably complex mosaic of people given its' size. There are Thai people of course.  In addition, there is an enormous migrant community from across Myanmar.  The largest ethnic groups from Myanmar are the Mon and Karen people. The different groups have different cultures, customs, languages, religions and even writing systems!

Baan Unrak Primary School Baan Unrak School

In the past, people fled Myanmar/Burma to escape the tyranny of military rule.  As the military has loosened its grip on power, the primary cause is economic; people are escaping poverty.

Baan Unrak Primary School Baan Unrak School

The Families


Families come to Thailand with hope for a better life and little else.  Often times the parents have limited skills and think they can make a better life for themselves and their families. They find themselves with limited options, some of them working for unsavory people who will try to take advantage of them.


In the end, many of the families, disconnected from their extended families and support networks, break apart under the strain.  In too many instances, the children end up in children's homes.

The Children


The children who come with their parents do not speak Thai. They often arrive without spending a single day in school.


No language ability.

No knowledge of any subject

No documentation

No hope


Is it any wonder they end up caught up in child labor instead of studying?


These are the children we work with.  


We give hope to the hopeless.

Baan Unrak Primary School Baan Unrak School
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