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Tonrak Ananda Marga School

Unique Education that Inspires Hope!
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For many children in our area, there have been

            few opportunities

​                                                                                                      to study.

Faced with challenges ranging from

                                                                     cultural differences


                                        huge class sizes

limited language skills

                                             lack of legal status


many never go to school and others just

                                                                     give up!

Tonrak School

In 2001 we saw some of the children from Baan Unrak children's home struggling in the public school while others did not have proof of their legal status to attend. 


We felt we had to do something, so in a small dimly lit house we started our school with a handful of students, dedicated teachers and a set of beliefs:


We believe that learning should study in a SAFE environment and be encouraged to have FUN!  We believed, and still do, that children need to be INSPIRED TO LEARN.  We believe violence, whether it is from a student or a teacher, teaches students to be violent and nothing more.


We believe students should be taught about more than the 3r's.  They should learn about the ENVIRONMENT and be taught to be concerned about the WELFARE OF OTHER BEINGS, including all people and animals.


You can read more about what makes us special here.


In 2005 we built our school and became a fully accredited. Members of the community liked what they saw and now most of our students come from outside the Baan Unrak community. You can read more about our history here.


We call for support to facilitate the many refugee, immigrant and children home students who urgently need space at our school.


Since the last few years, the immigrant and refugee children from Burma have increased greatly as well and our school has no more space to help the steady flow of new refugees in need of education.


Your donation can help pay $110,500US. to complete the new construction of activity rooms and class rooms for our high school and immigrants.

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What Makes Us Special
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